M. Koutsomichalis ‘Malfunctions’ (03)


Obscured or unwanted sounds one usually does not pay attention to, or even tries to eliminate as annoying are the focus of this album. Koutsomichalis tries to interfere with various systems and trigger mechanisms that were not meant to be, in order to cause all sorts of malfunctions and explore arbitrary ways of interaction between them. Those parasitic sounds reveal a system’s unpredictable and totally ambiguous side-being, that may be, normally, considered undesired but is definitely present and not less genuine.

1st edition of 72 copies (April 2010): cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope


2nd edition of 33 copies (April 2010): dvdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope.


3d edition of 99 copies (April 2011): cdr, carton sleeve, plastic envelope.



“Fucking turn it UP and you just have one of the best noise albums of the year.” (Anti-Gravity-Bunny)

“Damn fine work.” (Auxilary Out)

“Feedback in a tonal symphony, clipping beats in a polyrhytmic necklace, sine-waving garble.” (Animal Psi)

“Une approche autant musicale qu’ethnographique.” (Jerome Noetinger – Metamkine)

“Всё это уже стало классикой в электроакустике и Тем не менее, Маринос обнаруживает интересные решения и старается раскрыть звуки по-новому.” (Илья Белоруков – cnmag)

“Again highly conceptual like so many Koutsomichalis releases…” (Frans der Waard – Vital Weekly)

“High-quality noise on here.” (The One True Dead Angel)