Astero ‘Nadir’ (09)


Two faces, two approaches which reveal the same enigma: that of sounds shaped in the moment of their own creation, by way of the simple contact of fingers, or of electricity passing through the internal circuits of the modified devices – or perhaps the amplification of materials, rather than objects. Inviting the most basic kinds of accident, resulting from unstable and minimal constructs, or from a more than simply intuitive handling, sometimes becoming accidents of accidents – either way you might say that the hand is the real instrument which, by way of clever tricks, vibrations, vague movements or tremors, stamps the sound with an indeterminacy which connects it directly to the organic.

Nadir was recorded in 2011 in barcelona, under these premises.

Juan Matos Capote : home made oscillators
Alfredo Costa Monteiro : electro-acoustic devices

1st edition of 150 copies (July 2012): printed cdr, 2-side carton sleeve, plastic envelope



“Radical music, going from extreme loudness to extreme deepness [..] not for the weak of heart” (Frans de Waard – Vital Weekly)

“Le tout fait penser à un Francisco Lopez qu’on aurait plongé dans le bitume chaud” (Pierre Cecile – Le Son du Grisli)

“Explore l’électronique et l’électricité du quotidien à la recherche d’un fantôme mystérieux” (Jerome Noetinger – Metamkine)